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Our chronic from 1900 onwards...

In 1900, my grandfather Benno Steinbrecher began a messenger business as a farmer in Degerndorf. Supplied with two horses and a cart, he transported goods from Degerndorf to Rosenheim and the surrounding area. Back to Degerndorf, he brought flour, sugar, salt and furniture.

When my grandfather died in 1931, my father bought his first lorry, a "Hansa Lloyd" and started his own driving business, transporting furniture and a little later coal and salt.

In the beginning, the Degerndorf soccer team rode on banks in the back of the lorry, until my father purchased his first very own motor coach. The first trips were made with KdF. In the beginning of World War II, my father had fifteen own and fifteen rented vehicles.

The fate of the main alpine road in our area was in my father's hands.
When World War II broke out, all of my father's vehicles were seized by the State. Only one truck remained for coal trade.

Our company had to be rebuilt, when my father returned from the war in 1945 a honored man.

The first newly purchased vehicle drove with wood gas. In 1948, my father endowed the church bell for the catholic church in Degerndorf to express his gratefulness for his safe return from the war.

In 1954, the Freight and Transportation-Company Redenfelden Ltd was founded with five trucks. In 1990, I took over the company with ten busses. In 1994, the Redenfelden Ltd was sold with its then six trucks. At present, our company holds five regular busses and five luxury travel-busses.